Hot Shit: Soccer Mommy’s ‘Allison’


By Alex

When summer rolls round and the weather turns nice, the grey skies giving way to endless blue, the heat forcing its way into every little crevice of your body and soul, popular music loses its shit a little bit. Endless tracks by high profile DJs and their superstar mates start vying for the coveted ‘Song Of The Summer’ trophy, releasing a relentless stream of synthy dance singles or sweaty sex jams. Tropical house takes over and that same high-pitched synth noise reverberates through every track in the top 10. The radio won’t stop until you’re sunburned to shit, crying into your Tommy Bahama shirt while listening to DJ Khaled.

But for some of us, the lurid throb of summer is all a bit much. We want to escape from the heat, find something a little more subdued, entering into a calm, cool space free from barbecues and middle aged blokes with sunstroke showing off their nationalist tattoos. Thankfully, Soccer Mommy is here to provide some relief with her new track ‘Allison’.

A hushed, dreamy slice of indie rock, ‘Allison’ is a mellow slow-burner, a track that drifts along quietly in a tranquil haze of nostalgia and hindsight. The track’s title likely comes from the surname of Sophie Allison, Soccer Mommy’s nineteen year-old vocalist. Her frayed, floaty vocals are what gives the track its softness, along with the gentle thrum of hazy guitar.

The track’s video is shot like a home movie, the shaky camera work and intimate close-ups evoking a sense of cosy familiarity. Coupled with the reflective sad pop of the track itself, ‘Allison’ makes for a melancholy listen and the perfect antidote to all those gaudy summer bangers.


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