Wild Thoughts ft Rihanna, Bryson Tiller – DJ Khaled – Review


By Alex

DJ Khaled is very much the DJ du jour. Already the lead in the race for ‘song of the summer’ with ‘I’m The One’, a track packed with more A-listers than you can shake a stick at, Khaled is riding high on a wave of Internet superstardom and a host of very famous friends.

New track ‘Wild Thoughts’ sees DJ Khaled enlist the help of Kentucky rapper Bryson Tiller and all-round queen of just about everything Rihanna to bring some more star power to the DJ’s already impressive cannon of celeb collaborators. ‘Wild Thoughts’ is an RnB sex jam – something Rihanna knows a thing or two about – that sizzles with seductive guitars and hot, loin-tingling energy, Rihanna and Bryson flirting their way through a track that drips with a heavy, grinding lust.

Featuring a sample of Santana’s 1999 track ‘Maria Maria’, ‘Wild Thoughts’ relies on its Latin-inspired guitars to give it a summery flavour, while the trilling electric guitars make for something a little more sexual in their drawn-out whines. It’s a track that hums with anticipation and desire, Rihanna’s vocals sultry and tantalising, her raw sexual energy finding a fitting home in Khaled’s stylish production.

Lyrically, the track sees Rih and Bryson skirting around one another, taking it in turns to proclaim that they definitely shouldn’t fuck (though the reasons why remain unclear) while making it pretty obvious that fuck is exactly what they’re gonna do. You’d have thought Bryson’s jarringly unsexy line “Fuck you ’til you’re burned out, cremation” might be enough to quell Rihanna’s need for some hanky-panky, but apparently even this isn’t enough to keep her wild thoughts in check.

A raunchy summer jam, ‘Wild Thoughts’ is sure to set the charts, and about a million loins, alight.


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