Iteration – Com Truise – Review


By Jack

It may have been a full six years since Com Truise (aka Seth Haley) melted our faces with debut LP Galactic Melt, but in that time has has honed his craft. Sophomore Iteration has less daring-do than that record (which memorably opened with the sounds of female orgasm) but it’s a smoother ride. Iteration is polished, disaffected synth funk of the highest order.

At this point you either enjoy Com Truise of you don’t. In fact, in reading this, you’re probably already a fan. Com Truise is not something for everyone. A Com Truise show is not something your Mam will be RSVPing to anytime soon. If you like Com Truise you’re going to love this record.

Distant tendrils of synth draw us into Iteration on the opening track, a measured and gradual opening that slowly lays before us Com’s full arsenal; his mastery of icy synth grooves, discordant snippets, ear-wormy loops and above all the enormous rambling beats for which he is loved.

This is a more direct album, with an emphasis on sustained groove. ‘Ephemeron’ begins with dancey synthetic bass which is gradually built up under layers of keyboards and kitshy effects. That said, there are moments where Truise clearly stretches. Lead single ‘Memory’ may begin with the doleful synth loops we’ve come to expect, but soon progresses into the domain of catchy, warm electronica that could conceivably get a party started.

Truise is obviously indebted to sounds of the 80s but he doesn’t labour the nostalgia point, which suits him well. It gives his sound the contemporary edge that appearing under the Ghostly label demands.

The essential friction of Com Truise remains intact between the densely layered and organised synthesisers and sequencers, and the skittering, tempo-shifting beats that seem intent on escaping them. Iteration is the most vital album of electronica released this year.




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