Yuk Foo – Wolf Alice – Review


By Alex

Wolf Alice have come storming back onto the music scene today with thunderous new single ‘Yuk Foo’. A riotous clash of wailing guitars and defiant fuck-you rage, the North London four piece have returned to the limelight in style.

While their debut album, 2015’s My Love Is Cool, embodied a more polished, restrained sound, ‘Yuk Foo’ delights in ripping up the rule book, the band hurling themselves into a new chaotic, punk-driven style of noise rock that judders and vibrates with raw, angry energy. “Am I a bitch to not like you any more?” Ellie Roswell spits, before proclaiming she “don’t give a shit,” screaming over a disorienting blare that culminates in an impassioned yell.

‘Yuk Foo’ feels like the sound of a million women who are tired of having men moan about the friendzone, who are done with being abused for not wanting to fuck bland blokes who feel entitled to their bodies, who have had enough of whiny males and their victim complexes. When Roswell roars, you can almost hear the voices of women worldwide roaring with her. “You bore me to death,” she snarls, throwing out antiquated ideas of femininity with the beautiful line “I wanna fuck all the people I meet / Fuck all my friends and all the people in the street,” in a burst of unleashed sexuality.

Coming in at just over two minutes, ‘Yuk Foo’ (oh I just got it, it’s like ‘fuck you’ but backwards), condenses a torrent of fury into an explosive fireball of a track that is fucking excellent from start to finish. Wolf Alice are finally back – and they’re here to put an end to men once and for all.


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