New Sound: Late Night Legacy


By Jack

If there’s one thing West Yorkshire is missing, it’s some funk. Whilst the county is doing just fine for indie rock, there’s precious little swing in the music scene. Thankfully, we have Late Night Legacy, an energetic and bright eyed funk-rock band, who seem set on changing that.

We chatted with affable front man Ryan Kitto on all things LNL and why their live shows are something special.

HN: How did Late Night Legacy come together?

RK: Well, as much as it pains me to say it (as I think we may lose some ‘cool’ points here)…Gumtree may have had something to do with it.

*cool points deducted*

RK: I’ve been in bands and performing solo for many years and moved back to Leeds with the hope of finding a solid band that could commit to making a ‘good go of it’

I saw an ad posting for a lead vocalist by Robert Orange (now lead guitarist). I then joined him and Joshua Stayman. Our first bassist left the band and was replaced by our very own grand-master of funk Kyle Metcalf.

late night legacy INSTA.jpg

HN: There’s a lot of guitar bands in this part of the world, but you guys have an edge. Where did the funk and alt-rock inspirations come from?

RK: Absolutely, I mean every one of us are HUGE fans of guitar bands but we feel the genre we have fallen into is a very niche and interesting one. We’re often compared to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Faith No More, Incubus etc.

A lot of the time we’re put on with indie bands which we love listening to but we sound, dress and perform live very differently.

We’re looking forward to playing Headrow House, Leeds on the 24th of June with Citrus Heights supporting us. They are funky as! So hopefully the crowds dance all night long.

RK: I think the fusion initially comes from Rob’s blues rock riffs, Kyle’s funk bass and mine and Josh’s years of bashing out metal, alt rock, punk and grunge in various bands. Somehow it comes together in a mellow jam-funk-rock sandwich.

HN: I’m enjoying your new single ‘I’m An Eagle’. I hope we haven’t seen the last of that eagle outfit!

RK: Definitely not mate, The Eagle will fly again!

RK: Possibly at a live show, possibly a cameo in the next video…who knows. But it was such a laugh filming that video. I may just dress up and reminisce over breakfast or write to Stan Lee and see if we can work something out 😉

HN: A lot of effort gets put into your music videos. Is that an element of the band that you’re passionate about?

RK: There’s nothing I like more than writing out the ideas and concepts for our music videos. I love adding depth to a song, something visual to go along with the pain and misery or joy and happiness you’re singing about.

I studied live performance at Leeds Beckett University (Metropolitan in my day) and seen A LOT of seriously ‘messed-up’ performance art which moulded me into the expressive weirdo I am today.

Rob studied Film at University and has all the recording/editing equipment/know how to do all the things I can’t so together we can knock up a music video with not too many overheads, he’s a wizard behind that computer, my only hope is that people actually like what we come up with.

tour poster

HN: What is your proudest moment as a band to date?

RK: I’m just really proud to have been given all the opportunities we’ve had so far, it’s an absolute blessing to work and mess around on stage and travel the country with three lads that make me laugh. It never actually feels like work.

One of the coolest moments has to be supporting Reef at Livestock festival and coming off stage to be complimented on our set by Jesse Wood (Reef Guitarist / Husband of Fearne Cotton & Son of Ronnie Wood) was unreal! I’ll never forget that.

FINAL cover art version 2 white

Late Night Legacy are a real highlight of the local music scene. The nascent Incubus comparisons certainly ring true, with a shade of Brandon Boyd’s flamboyance in Ryan’s voice, and a shared sense of playfulness in writing and performance.

So much effort goes into their music, videos and social media presence. They tour like dogs too. These guys are a real find, with bags of personality, committed to indeed making a ‘good go of it’.

On their new single they may have just found their wings…

Late Night Legacy are on Facebook here. They launch their new single with a show in Leeds on the 24th June, tickets available here.

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  1. Great intetview .Fantastic band. I am so proud of my son Ryan Kitto LateNightLegacy. These guys are such talented performers they deserve to make it. Love them 🎤🎸xxx


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