Cherryade blast Theresa May on new track


By Alex

It’s kind of hard to believe that there are some people, hiding away in their four bedroom suburban houses that have rocketed in value since they were bought in the early nineties, who think being a Tory is basically fine. Slashes to disability benefits, crippling the NHS, murdering foxes, bombing civilians and selling arms to human rights abusers really is just a-OK to some people. For real, though. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that actual real life Tories exist and are not just make-believe monsters our parents created for kicks but alas, they walk among us.

It’s less than a week until our rainy little island goes to the polls and probably elects a woman who is a bit like Cruella De Vil but somehow more evil. This is a person who guffs out vapid soundbites to cover up her horrendous record as both Prime Minister and Home Secretary, leaving behind her a legacy that is littered with human rights abuses and cosy meetings with dictators and demagogues. But people are starting to see through Theresa May’s false promises, half-truths and downright lies.

London pop duo Cherryade are not for turning into Tories. With their savage new single ‘Theresa May (Bullshit)’, the group takes aim at the PM’s empty discourse and horrific track record. Over a stomping, electronic beat, lead vocalist Ella raps about May’s divisive politics and her knack for hiding her skeletons in closets. “Hide your shit like Theresa May,” mocks the chorus, tongue firmly in cheek, the smile on Ella’s face almost audible as she taunts and jeers in typically playful style.

‘Theresa May (Bullshit)’ errs between uncomfortable truths (“It costs half a mil for a shitty flat”) and even more uncomfortable questions (“Did my VAT let them bomb the kids?”) over stonking, brutalist electro-pop. It’s a track that’s breathless and urgent, packed full of power and relentless energy aimed at exposing the Prime Minister for the bigmouth fraud she is.

While it’s unlikely Cherryade’s new track will be wheeled out at Labour rallies, we reckon Jeremy Corbyn would give the alt-pop’s bolshy, no-holds-barred brand of politics a big thumbs up.


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