Hot Shit: Marika Hackman’s ‘Cigarette’

By Alex

Always shit when someone younger than you is more talented, successful and all around just quite a lot better, isn’t it? By the age of 25, some people have released very good nu-folk songs while others are stuck writing about them on a website with a bad name that they didn’t even choose. Such is life, right.

Anyway, Marika Hackman is doing a good job of being 25. She has nice hair and even nicer music, cool album art and a deal with super trendy Sub Pop records. Her new track, ‘Cigarette’, is a brooding folk song about a disintegrating relationship, Hackman’s soft, yearning vocals swimming in gentle melancholy over plucked acoustic guitar.

Hackman describes public fall outs, relentless arguments and boozy dinners just to survive one another’s company with nonchalance, the bitter lyrics in stark contrast to the sugary sweet, albeit somewhat downhearted, lilt of Hackman’s voice. On ‘Cigarette’, Hackman demonstrates not only her knack of stringing together a compelling folksy yarn, but also her ability to write a bittersweet melody that resonates long after the song has died.


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