Chromatics re-release ‘Shadow’ for Twin Peaks and it’s as gorgeous as ever


By Jack

Twin Peaks has returned and proves to be as head-turning (and head-scratching) as ever. It feels like the standard of television has finally reached the heights that Twin Peaks set back in the early 90s when Night Court was still a viable sitcom.

The Chromatics played their song ‘Shadow’ during the two-part revival and it was the perfect choice. It captures feel of the show and the sadness and sensuality of Laura Palmer.

The Chromatics are at their most beautiful: romantic, dethatched and nostalgic. Singer Ruth Radelet owns the performance with her narcotised croon; a sweet voice tinged by longing and regret.

The band come through as a unit in a way they seldom have. The nagging problem with the Chromatics is their general trend towards minimalist atmospherics which can lack substance.

But here the operatic synths and edge-of-the-dancefloor beat gives the piece a fleshed out, widescreen feel.

This is the most beautiful song you will hear all week.

Hopefully Dear Tommy isn’t too far off

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