I Have Questions – Camila Cabello – Review


By Alex

It’s been less than a week since Camila Cabello made her lacklustre debut as a solo artist with ‘Crying In The Club‘, a generic dance pop single that sticks firmly to bland chart trends. But quite miraculously, just a few days later, Cabello has redeemed herself with her new track, the magnificent ‘I Have Questions’, a furious all-or-nothing ballad that establishes Cabello as very much one to watch, more than just another former pop grouper trying to extend her fifteen minutes of fame.

‘I Have Questions’ is better than a Camila Cabello track has any right to be. It begins like Björk’s ‘Stonemilker‘, all heavy, brooding strings that summon a deep, foreboding dread. Not exactly what you’d expect from Fifth Harmony’s golden girl. And from here on in, Cabello keeps breaking the rules of writing a pop ballad. The track is more a meandering rant than a clipped, watered down pop song, the chorus not kicking in until after a minute and even then it’s a long, drawn out affair, wordy and rambling.

What really carries ‘I Have Questions’ is Cabello’s vocals. Strong but injured, Cabello belts and spirals her way through the swooping chorus, reeling it in for something more restrained on the verse. Her voice has a power to it that was kept largely hidden during her Fifth Harmony days, but here it is granted free reign to bulldoze ahead as it pleases. And bulldoze it does. Not in a grating try-hard kind of way, and neither in an annoying stage school kid kind of way, but in what feels like a genuinely heartfelt way, brimming with anger and demanding resolve.

What ‘I Have Questions’ proves is that Cabello is more than capable of much more than lazy club hits. Whoever decided this wasn’t fit to be her debut solo single has a lot to answer for.


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