The Beach Brat EP is a slice of windswept tropicana – Listen


By Jack

As the first rays of summer sun reach us at H19 we’re starting to feel optimistic. The birds are chirping, the mornings are bright and inviting. Yes Trump and Breixt still exist, but we’re feeling a little cheerier.

Beach Brat’s eponymous EP is quietly optimistic too. We’ve enjoyed the slightly worn, indie tropical style of the Rain Dragon label before, and this continues over three songs of lo-fi instrumental rumination.

I’d struggle to call this a sunny sound though. There’s a subversive quality to these songs which have one foot in 60s surf rock and the other in the wordless existentialism of chillwave.

The best track is ‘Pier’, which adds to the guitar and ukulele strumming with a saucy shuffle beat. At just over ten minutes the EP is a brief listen, but there’s a charming simplicity to this. It isn’t supposed to be high art and it isn’t. It sounds like a dude jamming out some ideas on a beach somewhere, and we’re just glad to be along for the ride.

Download the Beach Brat EP here.

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