Get high by the beach on ‘Splashing in the Waves’ by Tuesday in Japan!


By Jack

It’s only May and still basically horrible in the UK, but clearly things are going better elsewhere. as the latest single from Canadian studio Rain Dragon yearns for seaside escape.

It’s little more than a ditty at 2.24 in total running time but there’s something to this track. Its so abstract and yet weirdly resonant, and puts me in mind of some half-forgotten dream. It’s really simple structurally, with washed-out acoustic guitar playing over a sparse beat, echoed vocals and some electric harmonies.

There is an echoey quality that is sort of indistinct and creepy, and yet enticing. It comes back to the idea of dreams and fragments of memory. Because the song itself is so obtuse. It’s a little mood piece that reminds you of ‘Young Folks’ by Peter Bjorn & John (except this song hasn’t yet been played to death in adverts for B&Q).

It may sound like a bit of an acid trip, but there’s a cathartic quality here that rewards repeat listens. It washes over you gradually like the waves lapping on that far-off beach. And besides, there’s always the Beach Brat remix which sounds like the intro to a funky 70s heist show.

Listen to the track and remix here.





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