Hot Shit: Annabel Allum’s ‘Eat Greens’


By Alex

There aren’t enough rock songs about the benefits of a vegetable-rich diet. I’ve been saying it for ages. There are plenty of rock songs about, like, fucking and stuff, but tracks about healthy eating are woefully thin on the ground.

Thankfully, Annabel Allum is here to change all that with her frenetic new track ‘Eat Greens’. With its indoctrinating chant of “Eat all my vegetables” it’s sure to get people thinking a little more seriously about their eating habits. Granted, it didn’t work when Gillian McKeith said it, but maybe a raucous rock track is what this nation needs to get its shit together.

Or is it? Because while Allum might sound like she’s championing green-eating, one can’t help but think she might be being a bit, you know… sarcastic. “I should probably stop smoking / I’m scaring my mom,” she snarls, before detailing a long list of her sins over a jagged clash of electric guitar, sounding restless and agitated, aloof and defiant.

On ‘Eat Greens’, Allum finds herself torn between destructive, care-free abandon and a desire to wrap herself in self-love, yoga and kale smoothies. And while she might not find much resolve, she does manage to deliver a spunky slap of scuzz-rock that will resonate with anyone caught on the threshold of adulthood, in the space between cigarettes and spinach, beer and beetroot and recklessness and responsibility.


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