Hot Shit: Katiya Falcone’s ‘Lust Is A Ride Through Hell’

Katiya Falcone press shot.png

By Alex

If dark, noirish, downright unsettling pop is your bag, you’ll want to know about Katiya Falcone. Gritty and dramatic, her debut single, ‘Lust Is A Ride Through Hell’ channels a long line of female artists who have perfected the art of crafting woozy, ominous rock/pop from Nancy Sinatra through to PJ Harvey and Lana Del Rey.

With its moody guitar opening and Falcone’s rich, sultry vocals, ‘Lust Is A Ride Through Hell’ is reminiscent of pop’s darkest masterpieces, Falcone easily sliding into the role of femme fatale, summoning images of hysteria and heartbreak, evoking the likes of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave.

But while the track certainly wears its influences on its sleeve, that’s not to say it is just an homage. ‘Lust Is A Ride Through Hell’ is a confident debut from Falcone, a track that flirts with death and mania, conjuring grainy, movie reel images from a bygone era while asserting itself firmly in the present, its sharp production and electronic drum beat marrying the past and the modern day. Embodying all of the ruthless, raw emotion that comes with the first twinges of desire, Falcone’s debut track shows a songwriter unafraid of shedding light on the darkest sides of human feeling and is all the stronger for it.


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