Hot Shit: Frida Sundemo’s ‘It’s OK’


By Alex

It takes a special kind of song to grab you right from the off, to really make you sit up and listen, to make you stop thinking about all of our impending climate change deaths for just a moment, because you know that what you’re about to hear is something important.

Opened by dramatic, swooping strings, Frida Sundemo’s ‘It’s OK’ begins like a Bond song, all cinematic and orchestral. In fact, it’s hard not to imagine the opening credits to a Daniel Craig outing, silhouettes of naked women, martini glasses and sports cars shadowed over a shimmering backdrop before the film’s title appears, something like ‘Death And Death Again’ or ‘Jumboclit’.

But as the strings subside, we’re left with something more sparse. Sundemo’s icy vocals are backed by a subtle, pulsing beat, her words cushioned by a swell of synths that ebbs and flows as her voices rises and falls, towing the line between euphoric and despairing, somehow precariously close to both at the same time. ‘It’s OK’ is a song that feels expansive and vast, sprawling like a great snowy tundra, or a mountain range full of peaks and crevasses, Sundemo diving to explore the depths below before shooting back into the sky.

Sundemo has described the song as being about life’s highs and lows, about “feeling like the loneliest person in the world and accepting that life sometimes feels like your enemy and not your friend [but] it’s also about feeling more alive than ever…and the longing for embracing every second of life” On ‘It’s OK’, Sundemo soars and plummets, throwing herself into life’s messy, unpredictable whirlwind and loving every second.


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