The Sherlocks at Church – Live Review


By Jack

Our exclusive preview of The Sherlocks came when we spied the Crook bothers (vocals & drums) ambling past the window at Costa Coffee. The Sheffield band are closing out their UK tour, before supporting Rat Boy and astonishingly, Kings of Leon, later this year. All of this without a debut album. But then, there is a big announcement next week…

As such the lads are rather lacking in material and so split the stage time fairly equally with support acts Oddity Road and The Old Pink House. Good choices both and the crowd were certainly into it. Living in this part of the country means you hear a lot of Northern guitar bands. A lot. But both were able to put a spin on the formula.

The Old Pink House were a pop band deep down. You could hear the sunny choruses shimmering just under the surface. Oddity Road were more in line with their headliner. It was a jam-based sound with extended instrumentals and fed a little more off the energy of the crowd. It’s rare I even mention support acts but both are worth mentioning. If you enjoy indie rock then it’s worth having a look.

However when The Sherlocks take stage it’s obvious things are being taken up a gear. The band is made up of two sets of brothers, and the difference between them is almost comical. Singer and drummer are skinny Libertines types whilst the guitarists are built like scrum-halves.

On record The Sherlocks are a fairly orderly indie-rock outfit but in performance their sound is enormous. They play a relatively short set but make up for any shortcoming with a blisteringly loud performance.

‘Will You Be There?’ is an anthem in waiting and their live rendition only reinforced this appraisal. Even ‘Was It Really Worth It?’ which is fairly well-mannered really exploded on stage. Brandon’s drums are more at the forefront, particularly in the chorus.

Elsewhere there were songs which don’t have a question mark in the title including ‘Heart of Gold’, which sees Kiaran trade electric guitar for acoustic. However the effect is the same, so perhaps a bit of a missed opportunity.

It’s the vocals of Kiaran Crook that remain their killer asset. For someone so young he has the gravely baritone of someone whose smoked a pack of fags a day for the past thirty years. His voice booms out from the pulpit of this converted church with all the authority the occasion demands.

It should be noted that the staging too, is fantastic. Strobes and lasers dart and flash in a carefully choreographed display that perfectly enhances the harder live sound.

All considered it was a solid night of up-and-coming indie rock. For fans of indie this tour was a great sampler of what’s to come. For The Sherlocks it looks like they’re just getting started.

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