Broken Social Scene roar back to life in comeback ‘Halfway Home’


By Jack

The enigmatic Canadian collective Broken Social Scene have returned with thumping, feel-good comeback ‘Halfway Home’.

Keeping track of BSS’s whereabouts and current iteration is no easy task. Their basically a swarm of talented indie performers, chopping and changing, incorporating disparate styles and generally being bloody unpredictable.

However after a seven year hiatus, their latest song is refreshingly straightforward. Charging four-on-the-floor beat and euphoric floods of synth give the song an upward momentum. Some of the verses fail to pop and feel buried beneath the weight of instrumentation, but there’s no denying the purity of the chorus.

The song received it’s debut live performance on The Late Show, where the band were joined by members of Stars and Metric, to form a sort of All-Canadian-Supremes. If this track is anything to go by, the band are back with a bounce.

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