The full Truise, and nothing but the Truise: Synth maestro Com Truise is back.


By Jack

Six years on from the asteroid-blasting majesty of Galactic Melt, Com Truise is back with a third album, and yesterday he dropped the lead single ‘Memory’. That’s an irony in itself, given that listening to Truise is basically LSD. No sorry, it’s literally LSD.

First-time listeners will probably be baffled: Truise is a niche, about as niche as a niche can be, so far-removed from anything resembling pop music that to your average Radio 1 listener it’ll just sound like scary noise.

However Truisers will note that this represents something of a departure for Com (A.K.A. Seth). ‘Memory’ begins with the chilly futurism that we are familiar with, but by the time we reach the chorus the synth hook is actually pretty chirpy.

The ominous synths and busy breakbeat, accompanied by the unaffected robotic refrain are all par for the course. It’s still pretty far from the more accessible retrowave scene, and a dozen parsecs from anything like contemporary pop. This is still Cruise at his poppiest, and at three and a half minutes it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. A lack of restraint has occasionally hampered his work, with tracks spread a little too thin.

By the final third we have a funky, upbeat electro jam that stays true to the Truise formula. It bodes well for what awaits us on newly announced album Iteration.

More than anything, this track takes it back to where it all began…

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