The Sherlocks are supporting Kings of Leon in Sheffield and well, holy shit



By Jack

After promising a ‘huge announcement’, the Sherlocks announced they will be supporting Kings of Leon in Manchester and Sheffield.

Calling this a ‘huge announcement’ is under-selling it actually. For a young band, without even a debut album under their belt, to be supporting one of the biggest rock bands on the planet, in their hometown, is pretty incredible. Expect a homecoming show like no other.

What exactly will a four lads from Sheffield have to say to guys nearly twice their age, who hail from Nashville? Frankly I don’t know. Maybe they could try to explain what a Yorkshire pudding is, or the difference between an alley and a ginnel.

There is one weird parallel between the bands though, in that The Sherlocks are made up of two sets of brothers, whilst KoL are all Followhill’s: three brothers and one cousin.

Catch their latest single below:



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