Fresh synths for Friday -Bart Graft’s ‘Time Bomb’


By Jack

Just in time for the weekend, we have some new music from Bart Graft. ‘Time Bomb’ is an airy, bouncy track perfect for a Saturday morning drive.

80s drum machines jive well with the smooth production and buoyant synth groove. The presence of guest vocalist Troy Ounce gives the track a rock flavour. His scratchy, highly affected style may not lie well with purists, but synth music has always enjoyed a special relationship with hair metal.

It sounds for the world like a Cyndi Lauper tune, especially in the chorus: “I’m a ticking time bomb baby / Ready to explode“. Cyndi would have loved that.

You can download the track for free, with an iTunes release imminent.

I can think of worse ways to start the weekend.

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