Bear’s Den document life on the road in video for ‘Greenwoods Bethlehem’ – Watch


By Jack

Red Earth & Pouring Rain was one of our favourite albums of last year; a shimmering, evocative pop album. We hope Bear’s Den are equally happy with their sophomore, because they’ve been touring it flat-out ever since. They’ve trailed up and down the Isles, and further afield with impressive vigour.

To celebrate their travels they’ve released a live video in support of their latest single. Whilst shot in monochrome, the video does a good job of showcasing the beating heart of the band: bearded troubadours Andrew Davie and Kevin Jones. The quiet sincerity, humour, and depth of feeling which powers their music is showcased perfectly in the footage.


This is in support of their new single ‘Greenwoods Bethlehem’, taken from Red Earth & Pouring Rain. It’s not as hooky as lead single ‘Diamonds’ or follow-up ‘Auld Wives’, but it’s also a more dense, emotionally satisfying piece. Along with ‘Auld Wives’ it makes up the dramatic centrepiece of Red Earth & Pouring Rain and packs catharsis in it’s gradual build-and-release of tension. Like every song on the album it has a memorable chorus and refrain.

We can’t wait to see this band live.

Bear’s Den are on tour throughout the rest of March and early April. Tickets here. New single ‘Greenwood Bethlehem’ is available for download now.

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