An Interview with MY BABY


By Jack

MY BABY are a primal force of funkadelica from Amsterdam. They comprise a dutch brother-sister duo, with an antipodean guitarist in tow, for added spice. MY BABY is certainly an intriguing proposition. They are posied to release their third LP Prehistoric Rhythm, out April 7th.

Vocalist Cato Van Dyck answered our pressing questions.

HN: We’re relatively new to MY BABY, but your sound hooked us instantly. How would you describe your style?

CVD: “I suppose a quick a description would be: psychedelic tribal blues trance.”

HN: I’m intrigued who your influences are. You sound a bit like John Lee Hooker jamming in a techno bar in Berlin. Who influenced you to start this project?

CVD: “Hooker jamming to techno! That’s not too far-fetched. It was not really a matter of who influenced us but rather something that just fell into place…

Some years back, prior to forming MY BABY, we lived in a squat in the Amsterdam harbour area. It was a large deserted factory building, so ample space for lots of people to live, artists to have workspaces and a big hall to have dance parties.

We were playing in a band back then playing lots of blues and soul. Yet we also had techno and trance parties in our house with 800 people raving all night. We would perform on a live stage during such a night and would have to compete with the DJ’s. I reckon that started us off developing MY BABY.”

HN: ‘Love Dance’ has us excited for your new album. How would you describe the sound of your new LP?

CVD: “It’s definitely an album where we have tried to capture the energy of our live performances. So there is generally more up-tempo material that approximates modern dance beats, but we recorded using an Ampex 4-track from the fifties so as to get it to sound old.

You get an interesting combination of EDM influenced tracks performed live in the studio, that are recorded on vintage analogue gear. And as with previous albums there is a mix of folk, blues, Indian and African influences throughout.”

HN: ‘Uprising’ is a favourite of ours. How did you come to write that track?

CVD: “The slide guitar and melodic theme was inspired by Blind Willie Johnson’s ‘Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning’. A blues gospel traditional from the 1920’s.

We set that to a dance beat and developed a lyric that reflected someone’s need to rise up against the establishment. Sort of a gospel for anti-establishment and change.”

HN: What do you consider to be your proudest moment as a band?

CVD: “That changes constantly over time. Right now would be releasing our third album Prehistoric Rhythm.”

Prehistoric Rhythm is out on April 7th. MY BABY are on a UK tour throughout April, tickets here.

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