Crockett’s City of Ghosts is one of the slickest synth albums available – and you can name your price


By Jack

Released late last year, Crockett’s City of Ghosts is a wonderful album. It’s an exercise in Zen, boiling down synthwave to it’s core essence of silky bass, attitude and atmosphere.

Some may miss the keytar solos, big drums and sugary vocals that are hallmarks of the genre, but this is a perfect antidote to production excess.

City of Ghosts evokes a rainy street by night, with the patter of rain and honk of car horns breaking up the twelve tracks. It’s imagery that’s been used before but never so thoroughly, with the sounds of urban sprawl and a deference for darkness which perfectly accompany Crockett’s meditative tunes.

There are moments where the tempo and tension are heightened, particularly in the albums mid-section with tracks like ‘Changing Lanes’. However the true mood of the album is one of introspection, and the stand-out title track is a wonderfully brooding track.

The album is streaming on NewRetroWave and you can pick your price for the album over at Bandcamp.

This music is perfect for a night drive. Imagine The Chromatics ‘Tick of the Clock’ set to Rainymood. This is a work of slick minimalism.

Crockett are on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


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