An Interview with The Sherlocks


By Jack

The Sherlocks are a rock band from Sheffield. They are comprised of two sets of brothers, meaning that one band has just two sets of parents, which is sort of a trip.

We really rate this band, having covered them once already. 2017 is going to be a big year for them, so we were eager to squeeze in a quick interview before they go seriously Big Time and don’t need us anymore.

Brandon Crook (drums) answered our questions on all things Sherlockian.

HN: You guys are in the middle of a pretty extensive UK tour at the moment. How are you finding it? Any horror stories or has it more or less gone to plan?

BC: “We are loving it!!! Having an incredible tour, every gig has been insane. Not much of a horror story but in Ireland I lost my phone and was searching everywhere in the hotel and the street. It turns out the waitress had accidentally picked it up inside a TGIs menu when she collected the menus.”

In just a few years, the guys have gone from a local band to a grass-roots triumph. They’re current tour is selling out fast, and there’s a real sense of momentum. The video for their new single is a pretty good example of how far they’ve come. Both their first and most recent videos are set in a bar, but the difference in production values is huge. It’s a sign of the support growing around the band.

HN: The new single ‘Was It Really Worth It?’ is out on 17th March and we love it. Could you tell us a bit about how you came to write that tune?

BC: “The song has been around for a long time now, and has always been a fan favourite. We took it into the studio and gave it a new lease of life. It’s basically about trying to please someone who can’t be pleased.”

HN: For such a young band you’ve already got a solid fan-base. How does it feel selling out shows up and down the country?

BC: “Honestly, it’s a really special feeling to be selling venues out without an album!! It shows the people are behind us.”

HN: We have to talk about your song ‘Will You Be There?’. That one is such an anthem, some bands go a whole career without coming up with a chorus that killer. Did that song grow from the chorus or was it something else?

BC: “Not too sure, Kiaran writes all the songs. He certainly had a magic moment with that chorus because it truly is an anthem.”

This is the song that got my attention. There are two types of rock vocalist out there; those that can belt out a chorus like this, and those that can’t. We’re looking forward to hearing this live.


HN: Being local lads, is playing Sheffield special?

BC: “Very special, it’s where we first started selling out gigs! When we do play Sheffield it always has a special feeling and the gigs there hit another level.”

In hindsight I should have asked: Blades or Wednesdays? But then maybe not, people from Sheff take that stuff pretty seriously.

Their tour is currently making it’s way through the UK, with dates all over the place, from Inverness to Tunbridge Wells.

HN: We are covering your show in Leeds next month and we’re hyped. Any advice for punters attending your gigs?

BC: “Just prepare yourself for some MADNESS! We’ve got a reputation for our gigs being wild and they certainly are in Leeds!”

‘Was It Really Worth It? is out on March 17th. The Sherlocks are touring throughout March with dates in April. Tickets here.

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