With this vapourwave song sampling Bob Ross, we may have reached peak chill

image3815 (2).jpg

By Jack

Is there anything more relaxing than the voice of beloved TV painter Bob Ross? No, actually there isn’t. I once watched a Twitch stream of old episodes of The Joy of Painting for three hours straight, and then wept a little.

Inevitably the worlds of vapourwave and Bob Ross have collided to produce this ultimate slow-jam. Courtesy of synth impresario Mitch Murder under an old psyedonym, Michel Meurtre (how could we have possibly known??), ‘Pastel Haze’ is five minutes of floaty, indistinct bliss.

This song reminds me of morphine. It’s like audial morphine. It’s ASMR for the soul. It’s like floating on a cloud of space dust with America’s foremost perm enthusiast and wet-on-wet oil painter cooing through a wormhole in the veldt of time and space. I’m just waiting for the inevitable thirteen hour edit.

Youtube, make it so.


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