Will Joseph Cook announces debut album with dreamy video for ‘Beach’ – Listen


Will Cook has been on our radar for some time now, a blip pulsing a little louder with each exquisite pop song released into the blogosphere. Today he announces his debut album with a re-release of ‘Beach’. And we are certainly excited.

Twenty-somethings playing guitar pop against a backdrop of pastel colours may be in vogue at the moment. What sets Will apart isn’t his style as much as his attitude, and his music has an ease to it, a depth of personality that his contemporaries lack.

‘Beach’ reminds us of that with it’s bittersweet tone and soaring chorus, along with a tasty solo that ends the song. A love song that assimilates true love (or is it?) with “bubbles inside my head“, the assumption being that both can lead to sudden and unsuspecting death by aneurysm.

Or maybe not. We love metaphors though.

The video is certainly fatalist however, pairing Will with a female accomplice with a lust for life and also bank-robbing. The playfulness of his videos is always appreciated and this one is no objection. Extra points for the debris-on-strings illusion.

While ‘Beach’ has been around for a while, debut album Sweet Dreamer will be with us on April 14th. In the meantime, there is plenty of material to re-visit. Our pick of the bunch is still ‘Take Me Dancing’, where Will sings like he has a mouth full of polos (for some reason) whilst delivering a sweet, lip-sync worthy chorus. The song has a glossy, new-wavey feel to it that has us ready for long sunny days.

We also love his cover of ‘Once in a Lifetime’ by Talking Heads:

It’s time to get hyped.




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