POWERS: The new superheroes of alt-pop


By Jack

The hype surrounding POWERS continues to grow and with the release of their new single ‘Dance’, the expectation is palpable. We need this debut album!

Given my love of The Knocks it’s unsurprising I’m quick to recommend POWERS. They share a knack for killer hooks and slick production, and first came to my attention through the impossibly perfect pop collab ‘Classic’.

Over two years the NY duo have chameleoned their way through pop, rock, diva songs, indie mood pieces and everything in between. Their Legendary EP is a smorgasbord of influences.


Legendary opens on ‘Hot’, a work of sheer unadulterated ‘tude where POWERS tell us that, in no uncertain terms, they are totally untouchable (“Can’t touch me baby!”).’Beat of My Drum’, with over 33 million plays on Spotify, is a big-beat party song with (appropriately) massive drums and hooks aplenty. From there, we get the titular song, a slinky slow-burner that plays like hipster Luther Vandross. The EP finishes on a spritely wedding song. Variety is something POWERS seem to aim for.

Last year they pulled yet another left turn, releasing ‘Sunshine’. Despite it’s rosy title it’s actually kind of a weird one. The pace builds into a chorus of pipes, glitching synthesisers and a choppy rhythm. It’s a million miles from pop radio.

Then, last month they dropped their new single. ‘Dance’ is absolutely riotous. It’s their most audacious, ballsy song yet. You have to love upbeat dance songs about public hysteria(“Payphone preachers and twisted creatures / On TV clawing out your eyes” ). In this way it’s the spiritual successor to Don Henley’s Reagan-bashing ‘All She Wants To Do Is Dance’.


We suspect 2017 will be a very big year for these two. For the time being we have ‘Dance’ to enjoy, a perfect party starter to block out the meltdown and madness of Trump’s America.

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