Goldfrapp return with glorious comeback single ‘Anymore’


By Jack

As synthpop dominates the charts, one act has been conspicuously absent. A couple of 00s trailblazers  responsible for bringing it back. Today Goldfrapp make their comeback, and we are very glad to have them.

Premiering on Radio 6 today, new track ‘Anymore’ is a throwback to the dutty analogue of album two Black Cherry. It’s synthesisers, people. Synthesisers everywhere. Synthesisers stacked on top of synthesisers. As it should be.

Alison Goldfrapp holds it all together, as ever, with her breathy tones and silky delivery of the chorus. The distortion that opens the song is a little old hat, but the actual structure suggests something new, and a melodic sophistication not seen since the swooning Head First. The shuffle beat allows a sense of flow and escalation that makes for smooth listening indeed.

A handful of twigs adorning the album art had me guessing this would be a continuation of the alt-folk pursued in past projects. However if ‘Anymore’ is anything to go by, it looks like the acoustics have been shipped off altogether, with nary a tambourine in sight.

New album Silver Eyes is due out on 31st March.


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