White Lies release new tour video for ‘Don’t Want To Feel It All’ – Watch


By Jack

White Lies were doing 80s throwbacks before it was cool, but on new song ‘Don’t Want To Feel It All’ they may have reached peak OMD. Taken from new album Friends released last year, this is pure pop bliss with just a hint of impending doom.

It’s a tasty amalgam of the iconic drum breaks in Toto’s ‘Africa’, and the big instrumental chorus of ‘Give it Up’ by Talk Talk, with some rubbery bass for good measure.

However it’s played with enough grit to give credence to White Lies’ reputation as an indie rock band. The video depicts the band in concert which is apt, given the Lies’ near endless appetite for live performance. They have spent most of their nearly decade long career on the road.

What really elevates ‘Don’t Want to Lose It All’ above the many, many retro homages we have seen in recent years (i.e everything released in the last decade) is singer Harry McVeigh’s understanding of the emotional core of New Wave music.

The British pop music of the 80s was dominated by songs about high emotion and the performer’s inability to control it.  From ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ to ‘Always On My Mind’. ‘Don’t Want to Lose It All’ is about wanting to hold on to feeling without being overwhelmed by it, material ripe for that sweet 80s melodrama. It earns it’s style in a way few contemporary songs do.

White Lies continue to be one of the brightest and most rewarding indie bands around and this song is one of their best. With the band gearing up for further UK shows in the coming months, it’s looking good. Fans of doomy indie rock rejoice.

White Lies are on tour throughout February and March, full dates here.

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