The Stranger Things Theme Goes With Everything


By Jack

Poofy hair. Mom jeans. Winona Ryder yelling at fairy lights. Stranger Things certainly has a lot going for it, but Netflix’s retro smash also has a killer theme song. Though in it’s original incarnation it’s just over a minute long, the song perfectly encapsulates the feel of the show. Where would an 80s fantasy throwback be without John Carpenter synthlines after all? The beat is steady and muffled, almost like you’re hearing it through a rift in time and space. It’s perfect.

Most suprising however is the song’s ability to fit with more or less anything. One Soundcloud user Nathan Zed, is on a mission to Byers-ify everything he can, including remixes of songs by Drake, Bey and Kanye, by placing their vocals over the track.

Wiz Khalifa has also produced a version of the song, and Childish Gambino has also been remixed into the theme. Of course, for purists (purists without a lot to do) there’s always the hour long version.

This is 2016, and as with everything that’s happened in the past twelve months, Donald Trump is never far away…

The sky is the limit for this endlessly mouldable tune. The questions is in time, could this be the new Guile’s Theme? Dare I even suggest it?


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