King No-One at The Wardrobe – Live Review


By Jack

Are audience’s getting younger? The imminent arrival of King No-One on stage has packed out the Wardrobe with ‘the youth’, here to catch the hot young band from York. The band have built their reputation on being a riotous live act. Their back catalogue doesn’t yet stretch to a full set, but while the band are on stage they live up to their rep.

‘Alcatraz’ gets an early run-out, and it’s clear why. Seen alongside the roughness of the band’s other work, their slinky new 80s track certainly stands out. ‘Stay Close To Me’ gets the full treatment, and front man Zach even lets rip with the spoken-word middle eight.

The confines of the stage prevents any large gestures but the band do find ways to improvise. Drummer James has an arsenal of confetti cannons beside the kicks, while Zach walks over the shoulders of the punters before wandering back to stage. “We’re going to give you our best” promises Zach, before the band play ‘Halo’.

He may be right. It’s a great song with a fun, fruity riff that chimes well with a rough and rowdy chorus. The closer ‘Millennium’ is the surely the best though, and serves as a reminder that despite the flowery lyrics and Zach’s sateen wardrobe, King No-One have some high-calibre riffs to draw on.

The tone of the closer may be brooding, but the band are right out by the merch stand as soon as it’s over, getting pictures and sating their rabid fan base. King No-One have slowly built momentum over the course of three years, and their live set pops with energetic and tight guitar-driven performances. The lads from York have the knack, and the vision, to make some serious waves. Watch this space.

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