Hot Shit: Tkay Maidza’s ‘Simulation’


By Alex

It’s not that often you get an artist who can rap and sing. Normally, a rapper will have to rope in a featured artist to insert a radio-friendly chorus, or a bland singer might enlist a rapper to add a distraction from a beige pop song, but Tkay Maidza doesn’t need anyone’s help – she’s a woman who can do both.

That isn’t to say there’s anything bland to be found here, though. New track ‘Simulation’ is a bouncy bit of dancey hip-hop, beginning with a retro drum beat before evolving into a very modern (but surprisingly not awful) bit of tropical house hued rap. It keeps you on your toes, too. ‘Simulation’ is made up of several hooks that are scattered about almost at random, making it impossible to know what’s around the next corner. And just when you think you’ve got it worked out, there’s a rap interlude.

If Tkay Maidza’s name sounds familiar, you might have caught her collaboration with fellow Aussie Troye Sivan. But if jaunty dance-pop is more up your street than brooding teen angst, give her a go on her own terms. Part playful rap, part dance anthem, ‘Simulation’ is a great place to start.

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