Hot shit: ‘Honey’ by Orchards


By Alex

It is my opinion that there are not enough pop songs about bees. Bees are good for lots of reasons. They have nice stripes. They make a pleasant buzzing sound. They are fluffy. And they make honey. I, for one, am glad that Brighton band Orchards are into bees.

Except ‘Honey’ is only a bit about bees. It’s also a metaphor for unrequited love or something but there are already quite a lot of songs about that so let’s stick to the bees. We need to save the bees, by the way.

So ‘Honey’ is a really good track, bees or no bees. It’s been described as ‘math-pop’ by some, which these days is basically code for ‘it sounds kind of a bit like Foals??’. And while there are some Foalsy vibes going on in the guitar line, that would basically be an unfair comparison. For a start, lead singer Lucy Evers is a woman and, as studies and many bad comedians have shown, women are different from men.

‘Honey’ is a textured, layered piece of jangly, thoughtful indie pop. The good kind of indie pop, in my opinion. All the components fit together perfectly – a bit like a honeycomb, if you will – making for a slick and satisfying listen. Save the bees, listen to ‘Honey’.

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