Hot shit: Palm Honey’s ‘Stick The Knife In’


By Alex

Palm Honey sounds a bit like a brand of lube. Or someone who is into hand jobs in a really big way. As in, “he’s such a palm honey”. Or what you might call the blood you draw from your hand right before a blood pact. Like, “let’s swap palm honey.”

Palm Honey are a Reading four-piece dealing in moody lo-fi, thumping drums and hazy guitars. Their new track, ‘Stick The Knife In’, is a grungy bit of alt-rock, a scuzzy, clattering noise but, like, in a good way, you know.

What really stands out on the band’s new single is the vocal. At times barely audible through the distortion of guitar and drums, and the lyrics barely decipherable, the tone in which they’re sung is affecting, distinctive and emotive in a strangely detached way. ‘Stick The Knife In’ is a disorienting, dizzying bit of noise-rock, brimming with standoffish charm and a compelling single from the band’s debut EP, slated for release in January.

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